Monday, May 11, 2009

How is REUNION'09 different from REUNION'08?

What is the difference in the upcoming REUNION'09 Plan?

First, we are starting earlier on Friday by having a picnic at Ensign Peak at noon.  Do you know where Ensign Peak is?  It is up behind the Capital Building, which is very near the building of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

Second, rather than have an adult dinner within the Temple, we are having the evening dinner at 6pm with everybody at Chuck-O-Rama or someplace else. That is because we are not attending a special evening musical like before.   The special restaurant dinner IS the evening event.

Third, Saturday is rather the same but could include some panel-discussions.  Highlights on Saturday include visiting at Milt/Heidi's chapel, Lunch there, and much like awesomeness of last year; . . .  then swimming at Milt and Heidi's home.  The main thing making it all great is YOU!

Your ideas and suggestions are appreciated for this and next reunions.